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31 Monstrous Failures #14: Hath

October 14th, 2011

And today I’m in London, baby! Assuming that all goes according to plan (I’ve queued up these posts in advance), I’ll be heading to the Doctor Who Experience, followed by the Forbidden Planet Megastore. Seems like a good time to bring up one of the lamest denizens of modern Doctor Who, the piscine humanoid known as the…


The Hath were fish with arms and legs. Or, more precisely, actors costumed in fishy heads and hands, otherwise covered by budget-saving jumpsuits.

Each Hath was equipped with a fluid-filled rebreather to allow them to survive outside of the water. Keep this in mind. It will be important in a moment.

Introduced in the episode “The Doctor’s Daughter”–which is problematic for all manner of reasons that are beyond the scope of this series of blog posts–the Hath were locked in a generations-long war with humans on the planet Messaline. This was one of those conflicts that had raged on for so long that both sides had forgotten the original reasons for it…except that, for very complicated reasons involving instant cloning, the war was only a week old. (I told you that this story had problems.)

Anyhow, there was a sequence in which the Doctor’s companion Martha and a friendly Hath¬†traveled¬†across the dangerous planetary surface. Martha fell into some quicksand–as the Doctor’s companions are wont to do–and the Hath tried to rescue her. He slipped in instead, quickly disappearing beneath the watery surface. Instead of–I don’t know–maybe trying to throw him something to grab onto, Martha immediately gave up on the poor creature and sat sobbing on the shore. Never mind that HE WAS WEARING A BREATHING DEVICE.

Only on Doctor Who could a fish drown in a pool of water.

(Note: this is not the most ridiculous Doctor Who monster to which I earlier alluded. That’s still coming.)

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