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Back In The Saddle

June 1st, 2005

Haven’t taken the opportunity to post in more than a week, so I wanted to make a few updates.

Dad got out of the hospital last Wednesday, sooner than expected. I’ve been calling just about every day, and it sounds like he’s doing okay, though he complains of a bit of dizziness and weakness. However, between his depression and hypochondria (both conditions with which I’m all too familiar myself), it’s difficult to tell whether anything’s really wrong.

Tonight begins our mini-pledge drive on WILL-TV, and it coincides with the beginnings of my budgeting for fiscal year ’06. I’m going to do whatever I can to preserve all of the shows people expect to see on WILL, but things will be very tight next year.

Saw Revenge of the Sith a third time over the long holiday weekend, this time at one of the local multiplexes. This particular showing was not, as advertised, in one of the “stadium seating” auditoriums, but rather in one of the crappy, tiny rooms. Ah, well, at least the picture itself is still good. I noticed a few things that I hadn’t previously, such as Obi-Wan pocketing Anakin’s lightsaber after defeating him on Mustafar. (Gives new meaning to his line in Episode IV: “Your father wanted you to have this when you were old enough.”)

I’ve been making myself bilious trying to collect the Star Wars toys offered in the current Burger King promotion. There are 31 in all, and thanks to the lack of coordination between individual restaurants, it’s been very difficult to find the ones I want. Mind you, I’m not trying to be a completist, but I do want all of the pull-back vehicles and the plushes. I like BK’s Chicken Whopper, but three times in four days? Blargh!

This week I began using Firefox as my primary web browser. I’d been hearing good things about it, especially about its ability to block pop-ups and harmful applications. So far, I’m largely impressed, and I particularly like the keyword search feature. (If there’s a search one performs frequently, one can link it to a keyword and type it directly into the URL window; for example, I can type “imdb Rosalind Russell” to search the Internet Movie Database for Ms. Russell without first visiting that web site. Neat!)

Tonight, after my pledge drive shift, I’m going to get back to building/painting Tyranids for Warhammer 40K. A week from Friday, I’m getting together for another long weekend of wargaming with my friends, and I want my bugs to be ready!

The most recent episode of the new Doctor Who is (I’m told) tremendously good. Written by Stephen Moffat, who created the British TV comedy Coupling and the affectionate Doctor Who spoof “The Curse of Fatal Death,” “The Doctor Dances” is the conclusion of a two-part tale of London during the Blitz, in which people are mysteriously being transformed into zombieish creatures with gas masks permanently affixed to their faces. The episode is scary, funny, sad, touching, sassy and joyful.

It’s also a comedy about sex, as the Doctor squares off against the lusty Captain Jack (a time-traveller himself, and something of a romanticized version of the Doctor) for the attention of his lovely companion Rose. It explores the question of the Doctor’s sexual nature, long a taboo topic amongst fans despite the fact that his very first travelling companion was his own granddaughter! (You oughta read the elaborate continuity “fixes” dreamed up by fans to explain why Susan couldn’t possibly be kin, despite the complete unambiguity of their on-screen relationship.) “The Doctor Dances” turns out to be a triple entendre: the Doctor dances both literally and metaphorically, and furthermore, as “dance” is used as a euphemism for sex throughout, the title itself appears to be an unequivocal statement to the fanboys. As the Doctor says, “You just assume I don’t…dance.”

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