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Big Kitty

July 3rd, 2012

Last Saturday, we didn’t set out to adopt another cat, but…well, here we are.

We’d wanted another Maine Coon ever since Hobbes died. Bixby was allegedly a “Maine Coon mix,” but it seems that he’s more mix than Maine Coon. He has the look, but neither the size nor theĀ temperament of the breed.

We began actively looking at cats again in the past couple of months, but Maine Coons aren’t all that common at the local shelters. However, late last week the county humane society listed a “Maine Coon mix” named Kuda. I thought that it was worth driving out to the ass-end of Urbana, where their facility is located. (In a display of gallows humor on someone’s part, it’s right next to the county nursing home.)

When I saw Kuda up close, I thought, “well, this is promising.” He was a huge, fluffy cat with oversized paws and great tufts of toe hair. Major bonus: he was already four-paw declawed. We asked to take him into one of the “get acquainted” rooms and soon thereafter were filling out adoption forms.

Kuda–renamed Baxter after the dog in the movieĀ Anchorman–is a bit bedraggled in appearance right now. We think that the previous owners didn’t take very good care of him; he’s basically one big, walking mat of fur. The shelter staff shaved off some of the mats, but he’ll probably be shaved more thoroughly when I take him to the vet this Thursday.

It’s been two days since we brought him home, and we’re still in the early phases of the new-cat-introduction process. He’s spending most of his time shut up in the spare bedroom. For such a big boy–16 lbs., at only 2 years, 3 months old–he’s awfully skittish about his new surroundings. There have been brief encounters with our other cats, most of which have not gone especially well. As I type this we’re letting the others explore “his” room while he’s in our own bedroom. Hopefully we can let them freely mix by week’s end.

So, welcome, Baxter! We hope that you have a long and happy life with us.

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