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Jaded And Confused

July 19th, 2012

As 48 comes rushing up at me, I find myself pondering who I’ve become. What happened to the geeky film fan who hungrily devoured every sci-fi confection? Who rarely met a fantasy flick he couldn’t give the benefit of the doubt? I mean, I bought a ticket to Gremlins 2. Tomb Raider. Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Escape from L.A. For crap’s sake, I willingly paid to see Wing Commander. Wing Commander.

Now it’s 2012, a full 13 years A.W.C. (After Wing Commander). A new Spider-Man movie has been out for two full weeks. I haven’t seen it. A Batman joint premieres tonight at midnight. I could barely care less.

I know that it’s not because I’ve matured. I spent much of last weekend playing Lego Batman 2. A videogame based on a toy based on a comic book.

Three guesses which Batman I prefer.

How is it that I’ve become so blasé about these big-budget popcorn flicks? Have I really become…discerning?

Granted that I’m pretty sick of hearing about The Dark Knight Rises. I thought the previous film was vastly overrated, an ugly, preposterous bagatelle masquerading as a Important Treatise on Post-9/11 America. I truly don’t understand why it is that we expect or even desire that a story about a billionaire who buys mammal-themed crimebusting gear and punches evil clowns in the face should be serious and socially relevant.

And as much as I want to see Anne Hathaway slink around in a Julie Newmar catsuit, her fellow in villainy Bane is my least favorite member of Batman’s rogues roster. He’s everything that sucked about ’90s comic books in one ‘roid raging luchador.

I can’t say that I won’t go at some point. If nothing else, I do at least like to be able to complain with authority. But I do wonder about the guy who paid good money for Superman IV and Batman & Robin. What ever happened to him?

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