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A Spotter’s Guide To “The Cabin In The Woods” Monsters, Part 2

October 15th, 2012

Part Two of my guide to the monster menagerie from The Cabin in the Woods (Part One was published last week) covers the right column of the whiteboard. Let’s take a look at it again.


The Scarecrow Folk

A flock of these break into the control room and attack Truman before being blown up by an errant grenade. Photos from the Cabin Visual Companion.



So far, no one seems to have spotted this one.



The dragonbat is very prominent, breaking into the security booth and later smashing through a wall.



The Nosferatu-style vamps are mostly off-screen. Photo from the Visual Companion.


Dismemberment Goblins

You can barely catch a few glimpses of the goblins, which is too bad because they’re charmingly goofy. During the elevator massacre, they rip a soldier in half and fling the body at the camera. Later on you can see them driving a golf cart. According to the novelization, they use it to run down pedestrians. Photos from the DVD and Visual Companion.


Sugarplum Fairy

She’s the lamprey-faced ballerina Marty sees in the holding cells. Later she performs a bloody dance of death on the big monitor. Photo from the Visual Companion.



“I’m never gonna see a merman.” Photos from the Visual Companion.


The Reanimated

Not positive about these. The Cabin wiki thinks that they’re the ceiling-crawling humanoids with the upside-down heads.



Guess this lab worker wasn’t a virgin.


The Huron

Snagged this photo from the Cabin wiki. I don’t know where they found it. I haven’t seen the Huron in the film myself.



I love that no one is certain whether its a sasquatch or a yeti. Or possibly a wendigo. Photo from the Visual Companion.



Four Dolls emerge from the elevators. They’re also on one of the monitors, carrying a can of gasoline and setting people on fire.


The Doctors

Seen here about to operate.


Zombie Redneck Torture Family

So much for their “100% clearance rate.”


Jack O’Lantern

A skinny, pumpkin-headed, fire-breathing humanoid in an old-timey suit.



Presumably this guy, seen here in a behind-the-scenes shot from the DVD.



You don’t get a very good look at them, but these two little girls–presumably a riff on The Shining–are briefly glimpsed both in the cells and on the monitors.


Come back next Monday for Part Three, in which I’ll cover the deep roster of The Cabin in the Woods, including quite a few monsters you never saw.

(Part One here.)

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