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31 Classic Doctor Who Monsters #9: The Mechanoids

October 9th, 2012

It wouldn’t be until the fourth season of Doctor Who–and the introduction of the Cybermen–that the BBC would introduce a viable rival to the Daleks, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. After the failures of the Voord and the Zarbi, the producers would attempt to use the Daleks themselves to introduce the next would-be galactic scourge…

The Mechanoids!

The Chase (1965)

For their third appearance in two years, the Daleks didn’t rate a proper plot; The Chase was little more than six episodes of them hunting the Doctor throughout the cosmos in their newly-built time machine. From the planet Aridius to the deck of Marie Celeste, they dogged our heroes. After a side-trip to a futuristic amusement park in Ghana–during which the Daleks battled robotic versions of Frankenstein’s Monster and Dracula (!!!)–everyone wound up on the planet Mechanus.

There they met the Mechanoids, robotic drones sent to prepare the world for human colonists who never arrived. It’s not clear whether the planet just happened to be called Mechanus or if the Mechanoids got uppity and decided to name it after themselves, but by the time the Doctor arrived, the drones had built a massive city on stilts to call their own.

The Mechanoids were actually kinda nifty-looking in an old-timey sci-fi fashion, and their flamethrowers put them on an even footing with the invading Daleks. However, according to lore the oversized props were too ungainly to be effectively used as recurring opponents.

Tomorrow on the monster countdown: four-eyed is forewarned!

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