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31 Classic Doctor Who Monsters #18: Sentreal

October 18th, 2012

For today’s entry in the Doctor Who / Halloween countdown, I’m going to invoke one of most obscure creatures in the show’s 49-year history.

In the year 4000, a group of alien delegates from the Outer Galaxies met on the planet Kembel to forge an unholy alliance with the Daleks. Of them, perhaps the most mysterious was the sinister chess piece named…


Mission to the Unknown (1965)

Very little is known about Sentreal, and no footage of him is known to exist. He appeared in a one-off episode called Mission to the Unknown which served as a prelude to the epic The Daleks’ Master Plan. Sadly, both Mission and most of Master Plan were destroyed during the BBC’s infamous tape library purge.

Really, the only reason that I include him in this countdown is that I think that he just looks cool. He’s like a sinister chess king. You can’t quite see it in the photo above, but he even has a little cross atop his head, furthering the resemblance.

Sentreal perished when his Sicilian Defense proved no match for the Nimzowitsch–Larsen Attack.

Tomorrow: invaders from Mars!

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