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31 Classic Doctor Who Monsters #20: The Ambassadors of Death

October 20th, 2012

While yesterday’s entry was all about aliens that had been given the wrong names, today’s is about some that had no name at all. In fact, their only identification is the one given by the title of their story…

The Ambassadors of Death!

The Ambassadors of Death [duh] (1970)

Like the Ice Warriors, the Ambassadors hailed from Mars. However, they were not native to that world. They first encountered humanity when they intercepted a manned space probe, and later replaced three Earth astronauts with three of their own, apparently to make peaceful overtures. Unfortunately, they were kidnapped by a xenophobic British general who was able to control them and use their ability to project blasts of radiation as part of a plan to discredit the aliens as invaders.

For most of the seven-episode storyline, the space-suited aliens remained hidden. When they finally removed their helmets, their revealed faces seriously freaked out my eleven-year-old self. (I first saw the story in 1976; WTTW-TV in Chicago bought the initial syndicated run of Jon Pertwee’s first three seasons and aired them in a random order, which was a great way of building viewership for a serialized show.)

Tomorrow: care for a marsh minnow?

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