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31 Classic Doctor Who Monsters #23: The Drashigs

October 23rd, 2012

In the days before computer animation, the Doctor Who production team had to make do as needs must. With stop-motion special effects a lengthy, laborious process, their go-to technique for realizing various dinosaurs and other giant monsters was good, old-fashioned puppetry.

The results, unfortunately, tended to be memorable for the wrong reasons. Take, for example…

The Drashigs!

Carnival of Monsters (1973)

Though they were native to one of the moons of Grundle, the 3rd Doctor encountered them in one of the artificial environments inside a Miniscope, a sort of trans-dimensional zoo in which various captured species were kept in a miniaturized state for the amusement of paying customers.

Their six googly eyes may not have instilled fear in the minds of most adult viewers, but they obviously impressed the Doctor’s companion Jo Grant. In the next story, Frontier in Space, the Master’s hypnotic device caused its victims to see what they most feared. For Jo, the most terrifying thing in the universe was a toothsome hand puppet.

Tomorrow: Quark! Quark!

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