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31 Classic Doctor Who Monsters #22: The Zygons

October 22nd, 2012

What becomes a legend most? If you’re a Doctor Who monster, it’s when you’ve got a cool hook, a well-realized design and a nifty spaceship. Oh, and having the Loch Ness Monster at your beck and call is a plus.

I am referring, of course, to the fondly-remembered denizens of that dark Scottish lake…

The Zygons!

Terror of the Zygons (1975)

Despite appearing in only a single televised story, the Zygons are frequently cited by old-school Whovians as being deserving of a comeback on the new series. Why the love?

Well, they were one of the better-designed monsters, with a convincing combination of rubber octopus suit and facial prostheses. (Okay, you did have to overlook that their leader Broton clearly had a microphone embedded in one of his chest suckers.)

They also had a couple of signature gimmicks: “body-print” chambers that allowed them to disguise themselves as other species, and an organic spaceship interior that predated the 9th Doctor’s “coral” TARDIS by three decades.

Their fleshy, organic tech extended to their mastery of cybernetics, culminating in the creation of the Skarasen, an enhanced plesiosaur-like giant that over the years had developed a reputation as the most famous inhabitant of Loch Ness.

The Zygons have yet to make an on-screen appearance in the new series…or have they? In this year’s The Power of Three, the 1890 hotel to which the Doctor took Amy and Rory was later revealed to have been built over a buried Zygon spaceship. We’ll never know for sure which of the hotel staff may have been among the ranks of disguised Zygons.

Tomorrow: the most dangerous monster in Puppetland!

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