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31 Classic Doctor Who Monsters #29: Kronos the Chronovore

October 29th, 2012

Thanks to the Internet, I can now pinpoint the exact day and date that I first watched Doctor Who. According to an exhaustive listing of Chicago PBS station WTTW-TV’s airings, I find that my very first time was Wednesday, December 10, 1975.

That turned out to be episode one of The Time Monster, a 3rd Doctor story. As someone whose only prior knowledge of Doctor Who came from the two Dalek theatrical films made in the 1960s, it took me a little while to get up to speed on U.N.I.T., the Master and the Time Lords.

The Time Monster is typically dismissed by Whovians, but for 11-year-old me it was quite a trip. Over six episodes the Doctor encountered soldiers from England’s past, visited Atlantis and fought a minotaur. Chasing the Master through time, their two TARDISes wound up nested inside each other like a pair of transdimensional Russian dolls. And that wasn’t accounting for a terror from the Space/Time Vortex…

Kronos the Chronovore!

The Time Monster (1972)

The Chronovores lived outside normal existence and, as their name suggested, actually consumed time itself. Kronos was said to be the most powerful of the lot, and was worshiped by the citizens of ancient Atlantis. Unfortunately, its primary manifestation turned out to be a stuntman flapping around the BBC studio in a bird suit. So, somewhat less impressive than its reputation.

The Master summoned the Chronovore from its crystal prison, hoping to bend the creature to his will. This went about as well as you might expect, and Atlantis took the brunt of Kronos’ wrath.

While there’s been no explicit connection between them, the Chronovores seemed to share some similarities with the Reapers seen in the 9th Doctor story Father’s Day.

Tomorrow: chap with wings, five rounds rapid!

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