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31 Classic Doctor Who Monsters #30: Azal the Daemon

October 30th, 2012

As I mentioned Sunday, it’s been a common convention of Doctor Who¬†to explain away supernatural entities as alien lifeforms. Another trope was to give those selfsame aliens all of the credit for our human accomplishments.

Last week I discussed¬†Scaroth, who not only impelled our development but also inadvertently provided the initial spark for all life on Earth. Joining him was the Fendahl, who charted the course of our evolution. On the modern series, the Silence were said to have influenced our technology to their own ends, and the Racnoss prodded the formation of the Earth itself. Really, it’s a wonder we manage to get out of our beds in the morning without alien intervention.

Before all of the above, however, there was the goat-legged giant of Devil’s End…

Azal the Daemon!

The Daemons (1971)

The titular Daemons were an ancient race who helped early humanity win out over the Neanderthals. They then stuck around to give us a friendly shove, somehow overlooking all those Jagaroths, Fendahleens and Silents doing the same thing. The Daemons were said to have destroyed Atlantis, which must’ve been news to Kronos the Chronovore.

The last of his kind, Azal and his spaceship were buried beneath the Devil’s Hump in rural England. Awakened from suspended animation by the Master, the Daemon intended to grant his great power to a worthy successor. He ultimately chose the 3rd Doctor as his heir. Angered by the Doctor’s refusal, Azal attempted to smite the Time Lord until Jo Grant threw herself between them. Somehow, this irrational act of self-sacrifice caused him to short-circuit like a Star Trek computer who had gotten on the wrong side of James T. Kirk.

Azal may have been a Daemon, but he was no match for a deus ex machina.

Tomorrow: dust and darkness. It’s the end of the Halloween countdown, but the moment has been prepared for.

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