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31 Classic Doctor Who Monsters #31: Sutekh the Destroyer

October 31st, 2012

Truth to tell, most Doctor Who monsters aren’t all that scary. But one managed to give me the willies without moving a muscle. The final entry in my October countdown is the villain who even the unflappable 4th Doctor treated as a stone-cold menace…

Sutekh the Destroyer!

Pyramids of Mars (1975)

How do you manage to terrify a Time Lord without leaving your chair? Well, glowing green eyes help, as does a¬†sepulchral voice provided by actor Gabriel Woolf. (Woolf also voiced the Beast in The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit. He’s just that evil.)

The last living representative of the Osirans, Sutekh was so immensely strong that it took his brother Horus and 740 of his fellows to bring him low. Even then he was only imprisoned in an Egyptian pyramid, held immobile by the Eye of Horus hidden millions of miles away on the planet Mars. When his tomb was disturbed, Sutekh dominated the mind of archaeologist Marcus Scarman and through him sought his freedom. Aided by mummy-shaped service robots and various Egyptian-themed pieces of alien tech, he eventually forced the Doctor to bring Scarman to the Pyramid of Mars.

How bad was Sutekh? So bad that he could’ve single-handedly laid waste to the entire Earth, as the Doctor proved to Sarah Jane Smith when he took her forward in time to view the blackened remains that would result if the two of them failed to stop the evil Osiran.

And yet, even Sutekh occasionally needed help. Watch the following clip closely. After millenia of imprisonment, Sutekh the Destroyer arose from his throne…revealing the hand of the BBC crew member who was holding down his seat cushion. (The Hand of Sutekh is clearly visible at the :36 mark.)

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this month-long look back at the fiends and foes of classic Doctor Who! I’m probably going to take a few days off from blogging after this marathon, but come back soon for more geekery!

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