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February Can Bite My Ass

February 26th, 2013

This month was one I could’ve done without, thank you very much.

It started off innocently enough, with a WILL-TV production team descending upon my humble home to shoot the following promo for next month’s Britcom Vote pledge drive event.

That is my bathroom and basement, but not my wife. My coworker Lisa just plays her on TV. We tried to include my cat Baxter in the spot, but he was having none of it.

This proved to be the high point of February.

The real fun began a couple of weeks ago, when my dad was admitted to the emergency room after passing out in his kitchen. It turned out to have been due to an atrial flutter, and was subsequently treated via ablation: a technique which involves running a catheter up into the heart and zapping it to interrupt the electrical circuit causing the arrhythmia. Dad will need a checkup to determine whether the ablation worked; a pacemaker is still an option.

I spent four days up in Hobart keeping him company and generally trying to be the dutiful son. I found it challenging. We don’t get along all that well anymore. Dad loves to talk about politics and religion, two subject areas about which we have little in common. It’s frustrating. His attitude is that all he knows for certain is what he’s been told; unfortunately, all he’s been told comes from talk radio. He insists that he doesn’t seek it out, it’s just that there’s nothing else on. That might fly with me if I didn’t WORK FOR AN NPR STATION.

I have to remind myself that he has been, in many ways, a very good dad. He certainly was an involved parent, and I didn’t want for much growing up. He made sure that I was able to get a college degree, and he drove me across the country when I took an internship in Hollywood. And yet…and yet…

A few days later after I returned to Champaign, our cat Bixby developed a severe, painful limp. To our dismay, we learned that he’d fractured his femur. How it happened will have to remain a mystery for the ages. All we know is that the ball of the ball-and-socket joint at his hip developed a break, and required a procedure called a femoral head ostectomy. A couple of days of failed attempts at administering oral pain medication later, Bixby had a successful surgery and should be returning home tomorrow, slightly worse for wear.

Somewhere in the middle of this, we bought a dishwasher. So there’s that.

Here’s hoping that March will involve less medical care.

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