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April 22nd, 2013

It occurred to me that I’d built up a backlog of half-formed blog posts. Not half-written, mind you. In most cases, they hadn’t proceeded much further than “Hey! This would be a good idea for a post!” Maybe a bit of research and scanning was involved. As the weeks passed and the original inspirations for these still-born musings grew ever distant, I found myself thinking “Is it worth going back at this point? Am I feeling it anymore?”

Then I thought, “Fuck it, you self-absorbed fuck.” So, look forward to some of these wonderful bursts of insight, coming soon to an RSS feed near you.

But first, an update on that whole Bevheads thing from a few weeks ago. A reader pointed out that some of my old web pages had been archived on the Wayback Machine. Here’s my original homepage, circa 1997. Here’s the Bevheads site as the crawlers found it in 1999. (Some of the photos are missing, but the text is still there.)

Then last week I heard back from the blogger who wrote that lovely tribute to Bevheads. She went as far as to write a follow-up post!

Meanwhile, the real Gates McFadden continues to post her own action figure photos to her Tumblr feed. Tiny Bev* has been on a European holiday for the past couple of weeks, but the entry that really amused me was this nightmare sequence featuring various Beverly Crusher merchandise, some of which I used to own.**

*McFadden refers to her plastic avatar as “1/8 Gates,” which only makes sense if the actress is 3 foot, 4 inches high. 

**I sold off the collector’s plate, but I still have the mug.

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