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The Eye Of Mordor Is Upon Me

May 27th, 2013

Last week I found the latest assortment of Lego Lord of the Rings sets at Toys R Us, and among them was this little beauty.

Not only is there an excellent likeness of Christopher Lee beneath Saruman’s hairpieces, but take a closer look at what’s inside the Palantir: a minifig head printed with the Eye of Sauron. That turned it from a “want” into a “must have right now.”

Eventually I can see the Eye doing double-duty in a microscale version of the tower of Barad-dûr, but first I had to get these out of my system…

“Go, Mordor!”

Santa’s sack has a ring in it just for you!

“Sid? Sid? Ever since you touched that radioactive goo, you haven’t been yourself!”

Sure, you thought clowns were scary before…

“Disco Sauron just wants to boogie!”

Dear Diary: Vacation was frustrating. Bought a pretzel, but had no mouth.

Aunt Clara though Sauron was perpetually four years old, and also a girl.

Watercooler conversations were uncomfortable after the new intern arrived.

It was the Sixties. Everyone was experimenting.

He once mimed “grinding all of Middle Earth beneath his booted heel,” but no one really got it.

Hmm. Too “on the nose,” perhaps?

Goodnight eye
Goodnight orc
Goodnight Nazgul by and by

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