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31 Monster Toys #6: Predator Clan Leader

October 6th, 2013

In 1992, Hasbro began an extensive line of action figures loosely based on the Aliens film franchise. Most of them were decidedly odd combinations of Earth animals and alien physiognomy: Bull Alien, Gorilla Alien, Killer Crab Alien, etc. etc.

Eventually they introduced a parallel line of Predator toys. Once again, they went far afield from the original movie design. Of all Hasbro’s creations, the Predator Clan Leader was arguably the most unintentionally hilarious, sporting extendable platform shoes and–best of all–articulated whipping dreadlocks. No joke. With the press of the lever on the back of his head, his hair would extend to grab his prey. Despite this follicular absurdity, he managed to maintain his clan leadership. Though his barber was known to snicker.

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