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31 Monster Toys #10: Aurora Models – Godzilla

October 10th, 2013

As a kid, I loved models…but I didn’t want to build them. With unsteady hands and deep-seated anxiety, I turned to my dad when it was time to transform a pile of plastic parts into a finished product. (I did eventually overcome this weakness, but as with many of my childhood achievements, it took far longer than it should have.)

Here’s one of the two dad-built model kits that I still have.* It’s from the famous Aurora Models line of classic monsters, and depicts a decidedly off-model Godzilla stomping all over a absurdly out-of-scale Tokyo. Dad’s color scheme for the city skyline was a bit outrĂ©, but hey, wimpy kids who won’t build their own models can’t be choosers.

*The other is King Kong, naturally.


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