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31 Monster Toys #12: Ogrethulhu

October 12th, 2013

One of the “names” of the budding gaming hobby of the late ’70s was Steve Jackson, whose design Ogre ushered in a subgenre of “microgames,” wargames that could fit in a pocket and played over lunchtime. Ogre was a clever, asymmetrical contest set in a near future of tactical nuclear warfare. One player fielded a force of conventional troops, tanks and hovercraft in defense of a stationary HQ, and the other player received a single unit: the Ogre, a monstrous cybertank controlled by a ruthless AI.

Ogre remains a beloved classic, and once Steve Jackson began his own company, he milked that puppy for all it was worth and more. Here, from his now-defunct line of metal Ogre miniatures, is the Ogrethulhu. It’s a good example of the “two things” design philosophy: take two things that geeks like, and mush them together. In this case, it’s the Ogre combined with another mainstay of the gaming community, H.P. Lovecraft’s alien god Cthulhu.

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