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31 Monster Toys #19: Ultraman – Gan Q

October 19th, 2013

These days, blind-bagged toys–randomly distributed mystery figures sold in opaque packaging–are all the rage, but the Japanese have been marketing collectibles in this manner for many years. I used to make special trips to a Japanese shopping center in Arlington Heights, Illinois just to visit its candy aisle, where enigmatic toys based on inexplicable intellectual properties were sold in sealed boxes. Typically they came with tiny bags of sugary pellets that I always suspected were there solely to justify their placement alongside the Pocky.

While a fair number of the blind figures I bought remain baffling to this day, the one pictured above is very definitely from one of the many TV series featuring the monster-battling superhero Ultraman. Apparently this walking eyeball is named Gan Q, to whom I can only say…you’re welcome.

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