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The Long Road To Fifty: Introduction

May 26th, 2014

allisvanityJuly 27 will be my 50th birthday. Some people tell me that fifty is nothing to fear, but most of them are over fifty and therefore suffering early onset Alzheimer’s.

I do not intend on going gentle into that good night. I’ve decided to do at least one stupid thing before reaching that milestone, though if you see me tooling around town in a sportscar, I’ve done two stupid things.

The stupid thing I’ve had on my mind for a while is my longest, most navel-gazing series of blog posts yet: one for every year I’ve been alive. In hopes of getting done before July 27, I’m starting in late May.

You may say, “Dave, I don’t want to read about your life in excruciating detail,” or “that really is too much information,” or “Dave, I’m serious, I don’t want to know.” Too bad. It’s my life, and you’ve got a ticket to the show.

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