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The Long Road To Fifty: 0

May 27th, 2014

And here’s where I come into the story.


I was born on July 27, 1964. I won’t pretend that I was aware of the change in my circumstances.

Fortunately for our young family, two weeks earlier my dad had won the top prize in the Petersen Classic, a seven-month (!) bowling tournament. That $30,000 purse would be worth $229,700 in today’s money, according to Wolfram Alpha. Much of it was spent establishing a modest home in Hobart, Indiana where he still lives today. Much of it was just plain spent.

Dad worked for NIPSCO, the local power company. Mom stayed home to take care of me. I’m sure that I didn’t fully appreciate that at the time.

The Gulf of Tonkin Incident occurred a week after I was born, kicking off open warfare between the U.S. and North Vietnam. I sincerely apologize for my involvement.

Not surprisingly, I remember nothing about this year, so here’s the most adorable photo ever taken of me.


And one that better reflects my usual mood.


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