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The Long Road To Fifty: 3

May 31st, 2014

There may be no atheist children on Christmas morning, but I was a true believer in Santa Claus. Some years after this photo was taken, I remember arguing with a friend, laying out what I’m sure I felt was a compelling case for Santa’s existence. Any logical discrepancies could be waved away by his being “the Spirit of Christmas,” as I put it.


I don’t know exactly when I finally gave up the delusion, but I do know the exact circumstances. While my folks were entertaining company, I was rooting around in a closet and found what I knew to be the Easter basket that arrived every spring. In that moment, it struck me that if the Easter Bunny was a falsehood, Santa must be as well. (Not exactly airtight logic, but a pretty good intuitive leap, I think.) I staggered into the midst of the adults, clutching my basket and bawling inconsolably. My faith never recovered. Though I still accepted presents gratefully.

I am fairly certain that this next photo was taken at Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan. Adjacent to the Henry Ford Museum, it’s Ford’s personal collection of historic buildings, uprooted from wherever said history took place and moved to Michigan because, well, money.


Next is another photo from that same trip to Michigan: me and my cousins Blaine, Sherri and Terri (or Terri and Sherri). My dad’s brother Oscar Blaine lived there with his wife Bonnie, who, after a later divorce, was dubbed “that bitch in Detroit” by my sweet Gammy. (I was on your side, Bonnie.)


And here I am on my beloved tricycle. I rode this thing for far longer than I should have. As this series continues, you’re going to find that this sort of behavior is a running theme.


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