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The Long Road To Fifty: 5

June 9th, 2014

Here’s where undated photos become a problem for me. I don’t have any that I can definitively identify as being from my time at kindergarten.

Instead, here’s a page from my 6th grade yearbook. I went to George Earle Elementary in Hobart, a building tucked away in the far corner of my neighborhood. It was a single-story, utilitarian structure, basically one long hallway with a bend in the middle and a gym/lunchroom on the end.


Our principal was Stewart Mattix. I remember him being a friendly figure, like everyone’s favorite uncle. Judging by this 1999 article marking his death, it seems that I wasn’t alone. The school secretary was Madge Kellams, and I liked her too. A quick Google search suggests that she died in 2005, and I’m sorry to learn that.

I don’t recall much about kindergarten itself, but the one thing that sticks out is the failed effort of my teacher (Mrs. Winslow, I think) to correct my penmanship. I write “failed” because, well, this is how I hold my pen.


And yes, I know it’s “wrong,” so you can all stop commenting on it now. I tried your way, and it feels unnatural. I’ve somehow managed to survive all these years despite my deformed grip, so I think I’ll just run out the clock on this one.

You may note that I’m still biting my nails, too. Aunt Maggie told me that I’d never pass a job interview if I didn’t stop. Ha, I win.

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