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The Long Road To Fifty: Interlude 3

July 2nd, 2014

It should go without saying that I was one of the founding members of the Dungeons & Dragons Club at Hobart High School. Here is the initial membership in our virginal glory.


You may notice that here I have proof positive that even back then there were female D&D players. Well, one. In my senior yearbook, however, eight are pictured.

Now, I’m not in this next photo, but I thought it was worth posting all the same. Here is the inaugural HHS Computer Club.


“Computer Club” is a precise description. There was one computer for the club’s 17 members. According to the 1981 yearbook, “A new Computer Club was added to the students (sic) extra-curricular activities when a TRS-80 computer was purchased at the request of Principal Thomas Wirtz. Students were able to write their own computer programs, directing the computer to do certain tasks. The computer also came with pre-written games that the students enjoyed experimenting with during club meetings.” The reader is left to speculate upon the nature of these games.

I never did get my hands on the powerful TRS-80, but in senior year I did have my first computer experience with this beauty, a phototypesetting machine excitingly named the Quadritek.


The first personal computer I would own–a Commodore VIC-20–was still more than six years in the future.



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