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To Blog And Not To Blog

October 17th, 2005

It’s been pointed out to me that it’s been three weeks since my last blog entry. In fact, one of my gaming buddies was concerned that the lack of updates was an indication that something might be wrong, and offered to help. (A very nice gesture, I felt.)

The truth–which I had intended to address today even before I received that thoughtful message–is less interesting. It comes down to three points:

1) I am long-winded. You may have noticed that. I feel that anything worth writing about is worth writing about at length. I suspect that I get this from my dad, who is notorious about getting to the point of a story. However, it may also be that I believe I am clever, and enjoy reading myself in print.

2) I am easily distracted. Sometimes, the blog itself has been the distraction from other things I had intended to do.

3) I alternate between industrious and lazy, and this has been a lazy phase. I let my Warhammer 40,000 gaming miniatures sit half-painted for years, then suddenly became obsessed with finishing them. I spent months paiting tiny details and building scratch terrain before the craze passed. I’ve barely touched them since.

Outside influences–positive ones, fortunately–did get in the way. Several weeks back Vic and I took a long weekend in Disney World to celebrate our 13th anniversary, and in addition to the time away from the office, there was the time getting ready to take the time away from the office and time catching up on the stuff that was waiting for me when I got back to the office. (Long-winded, remember?)

Then my nephew unexpectedly came in for a weekend visit. Okay, it wasn’t so much unexpected as it was forgotten about until the week before, but it still meant that I had to switch gears to prepare. We had a great time playing Heroscape, Culdcept and Magic: The Gathering; and because he’s taking a martial arts class, I heard an awful lot about ancient Japanese warriors.

I had wanted to write about the trip to Orlando, my love of the “Tower of Terror” ride and the dust-up I had with a fellow parkgoer whose reaction to my accidentally cutting in front of him in line was to deliberately run over my foot with a double stroller. That’s where rules 1) and 3) came in.

I also wanted to update my reactions to the fall TV schedule, and to review the motion picture Serenity (I really liked it, but it made me sad). Too bad about rule 2).

The simpler, less-wordy truth is that I’m probably not devoted enough to regularly blog. It’s certainly the reason I’ve never tried to turn this into anything more than random rambling on whatever strikes me at the moment.

Perhaps I’ll get better. In fact, rule 3) pretty much guarantees it.

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