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The Even Longer Road To Fifty

July 21st, 2014

It should be blindingly clear by now that I am not going to finish this series in time for my birthday as originally conceived, given that the big day is this Sunday and I’m still only 17 going on 18. I’ve gone off on tangents and have split some years into multiple posts. I’ve skipped some days due to behind-the-scenes research and scanning, and others because I simply haven’t felt like blogging every available moment.

Rather than trying to rush 33 years into a single week, I thought about leaving the series unfinished. But I’ve still got a bunch of stories to tell, and at least some of my friends and associates claim to have been enjoying previous entries.

So, I’m going to continue. It’ll take some time, and I’ll probably intersperse some of my typical nerd rantings in between biographical bits. But hey, I’ll be fifty for an entire year, right?

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