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31 Days Of Flash Gordon #22

July 22nd, 2010 No comments

Looking back over the past three weeks, I realized that Flash Gordon Month has had an egregious lack of Prince Vultan. Allow me to rectify the error.

I’ve found that it’s relatively difficult to take a screencap of actor Brian Blessed in which his mouth isn’t wide open.


Blessed has had a long, illustrious career of playing fat, loud royalty. He was a fat, loud king in The Black Adder; a fat, loud king in Doctor Who; and a fat, loud Gungan in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

His IMDB page says that he played King Lear in a 1999 production, thus establishing a record for the highest decibel level in the history of Lears.

True fact: Queen Elizabeth II is secretly very nearly deaf. As she can no longer be awakened by a standard alarm clock, the Crown has hired Brian Blessed to sit by her bedside each morning and roar “VROOMNIK!” over and over until she stirs.*

When not bellowing on stage, Blessed enjoys mountain climbing, watching football (the other kind), and shouting.

*Not a true fact.