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Cross Over Children! All Are Welcome!

June 8th, 2009 No comments

Checking the web stats for thiel-a-vision.com, I am always amused by the search terms that bring wandering spirits here.

My Land of the Lost posts have attracted some attention. Current top search term: “the zarn.” Others inlcude “zarn lost,” “zarn lotl,” “land of the lost fred zarn,” “land of the lost zarn you make me feel bad,” “altrusians sleestak,” “sleestaks and pylons,” “land of the lost time schedule old vision not movie,” and “when i look all around i can’t believe the things i’ve found.”

There are also some puzzlers. For some reason, I got five hits for “crossdresser trekkies,” one more than for “dave thiel.” I just did a search of my site, and I can guarantee you that at no point does the phrase “crossdresser trekkies” appear on it. (Er, until now. Damn.)

People came here looking for oddly specific information, such as “directions how to make dr.octopus arms in lego.” You won’t find that here either, but to be honest, that sounds pretty interesting. There were also a pair of hits for “how to write film treatment for earth vs the flying saucers ?” (Yes, they included the question mark.)

The one search term that I can categorically state has never previously appeared on my blog is “neil patrick harris penis.” If you came here looking for “neil patrick harris penis,” you were sorely disappointed. You will never find “neil patrick harris penis” here.

I wonder how well “neil patrick harris penis” will fare the next time I check my web stats.