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Who’s Who?

January 4th, 2009 No comments

Welp, they’ve gone and done it…for the first time ever they’ve picked a Doctor Who who’s young enough to be my kid. Matt Smith* is 26 years old, or about 877 years younger than the Time Lord he’ll be playing.

Mind you, I’m willing to give new executive producer Steven Moffat (who created Coupling and wrote most of the best episodes of the new Who) the benefit of the doubt. If he says Matt Smith** is the real deal, I believe him.

Besides, it’s not like Smith hasn’t played Doctor Who before. Here, once again, is his first appearance in the role.

*Really? Doctor Who is going to be played by a guy named Matt Smith? Were John Doe and Generic McEveryman unavailable?

**Okay, it’s not like Tom Baker was an exotic name either. But still, I’m imagining what it’ll sound like when they get around to a remake of “The Three Doctors,” starring David Tennant, Christopher Eccleston, and…Matt Smith.

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