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31 (Japanese) Monsters #10: Gyaos

October 10th, 2010 No comments

When you’re a 200-foot-tall bat with ultrasonic breath and you’re still the best looking alum at the class reunion, you must be…


Monster Island Nickname Faux-dan
Hails From A Cave, Or Possibly Atlantis
Movies Appeared In
(not counting stock footage)
Hobbies Collecting Hummel Figurines
Quote “Hewaaaaaaaaaa!”

Seriously, if you’re a Gamera foe yet you’re not some sort of Swiss army monster sporting a bizarre array of organic weaponry, you’re looking pretty good.

That’s Gyaos. Kinda looks like Rodan. Emits a focused beam of sonic energy. Drinks blood. Is allergic to sunlight. All things considered, he’s a relatively sensible inhabitant of a world in which turtles rescue schoolchildren from brain-eating women.

In the rebooted Gamera films of the ’90s, Gyaos is, like the title creature himself, a bio-engineered weapon of the ancient Atlantean civilization. Sure, why not?

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