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Maybe Next Year Someone Will Finally Eat A Damned Mouse

May 14th, 2010 No comments

The word came down this morning that ABC will likely pick up a second season of its V remake. I’m pleased to hear it; while I think the show is still only half-formed, I’m a fan of the concept and would like to see it have a chance to play out.

A side benefit of the renewal is that Anna’s pixie haircut will continue to annoy my wife for another year. I once confessed that it worked for me; at least, it works for Morena Baccarin. Vicky’s since become obsessed with it; every week she says to me, “Really? You think that looks good?!?” So, that’s fun.

Haircuts aside, I think that V‘s chief problem is that is that it’s trying too hard to be Lost. It wants to be another series about endlessly drawn-out secrets and mysteries. We’re eleven episodes in and still don’t have a solid grasp of the Visitors’ agenda on Earth. It’s not enough to know that Anna is bad news; we need to know the stakes for humanity should the Resistance fail.

The show also needs a bigger scope. I realize that it may be a budgetary issue, but four good guys do not make a rebellion. If we’re to believe that our heroes have even a remote chance of winning, they need to fill out their ranks.

I feel that the new V hasn’t played enough with the idea that–in the era of Homeland Security–here we are rooting for domestic terrorists. It’s also failed, so far, to come up with its own analogue of the Holocaust; the original miniseries had the Visitors scapegoating human scientists and their families.

Oh, yes, one more thing. It’s a war. Let’s have some fightin’.

That said, the show has been picking up steam in the last couple of weeks. Anna’s treatment of her wayward daughter (“Break her legs”) was chilling. The introduction of a viral weapon against the Visitors evokes the Red Dust that saved the day in the original V: The Final Battle miniseries. Scott Wolf’s conflicted reporter character is finally interacting with the rest of the cast. And, if the preview for next Tuesday’s finale is any indication, “V” will stop standing for “Visitors” and once again stand for “Victory.”

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