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31 (Japanese) Monsters #26: King Seesar

October 26th, 2010 No comments

Spiritual monsters are surprisingly rare in the Toho kaiju canon. Of course, there’s Mothra the island goddess. And Baragon and King Ghidorah were recast as guardians of Japan in the awkwardly named 2001 flickĀ Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack.

But for an out-and-out mystical beast, you have to take a sea jaunt and say a prayer to…

King Seesar!

Monster Island Nickname Fido
Hails From Okinawa
Movies Appeared In
(not counting stock footage)
Hobbies Fetch
Quote “Raggh! Ragghhgghh!”

The protector of Okinawa is King Seesar, more properly known as King Shisa (though he’s also been referred to as King Caesar and even King Seesaw). A shisa is a lion/dog combination said to fend off evil spirits, but the enemy in this case is Mechagodzilla, the robot slave of the Black Hole aliens.

King Seesar is a scrappy fighter with a secret weapon: the ability to absorb energy beams through one eye and return them through the other. That proves handy against Mechagodzilla, who is pretty much a walking ray gun.

Despite faithfully helping Godzilla to defeat his robot double, it took Seesar thirty years to make another appearance, and then it was as one of the many monsters controlled by the forces of Planet X in Godzilla Final Wars.