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New Digs

January 19th, 2009 No comments

There have been a couple of major events on my own digital frontier. Last week I got a new laptop, my first. For the past year, I’d been increasingly frustrated by the limitations of my aging desktop. I might¬†have been able to play a game made in the last five years if I turned down the video settings to their absolute minimum. But Spore was out of the question. So, my first laptop is less about portability (nine pounds!) than about being able to tear through any game I might throw at it. And it’s great to finally emerge from my basement lair and blog from the living room! Thanks, Vic! Thanks, Best Buy for your no-interest financing!

The second development should be fairly obvious to anyone who’s been reading this blog for awhile: I have a new home! Friend Kurt, who has been hosting my website gratis for the past 4+ years, will be shutting down his server soon, so Friend Dave¬†graciously offered a new digital couch on which I can flop. He also ported over all of my old content and switched me to WordPress, which I am digging so far. The look is a little spare for the moment, but Dave and I will be putting a bit of shine on it soon.

Thanks, Kurt, for allowing me to be a parasite all these years…and thanks as well to Dave, whose blood I will be gorging myself upon in the months to come!

You may wish to update your bookmark to: thiel-a-vision.com. Thielavision.com (no hyphens) will work as well.

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