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You May Fire When Ready

September 10th, 2008 No comments

Look what just arrived in the mail!


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Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Bricks

September 3rd, 2008 No comments

I spent much of Labor Day laboring on one of my birthday presents: an Indiana Jones-themed Lego set (#7263, “Temple Escape”) reproducing the Chachapoyan Temple from the opening scenes of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Here’s a detailed look!

Guarding the temple’s mouth, Belloq chuckles evilly. Because he’s French, and that’s what they do. A former victim is impaled on the wall. Pay no attention to that boulder over the doorway. Bonus spikes swing out of the wall when a peg is removed.
Indy swings across a pit of bottomless shag carpeting. The traitorous Satipo treads lightly across the stones of the dart room. (The set only comes with four spears, but I added enough to plug all of the available holes. “Hmm…I can’t see what could possibly go wrong if I pick up that idol.”
The idol chamber collapses when the peg is removed! “Aagh! I wish this was Tom Selleck instead of me!” “You throw me the idol, I throw you the whip!”
Raising this lever dislodges the rolling boulder… …while dropping the sliding door. “Adios, Satipo!”
“Oh, that’s just my pet snake, Reggie!”

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Atomic Batteries To Power, Turbines To Speed

August 31st, 2008 No comments

A new (if small) custom Lego project: a mini-Batmobile. Many of the recent Lego Batman sets seat the Caped Crusader in an unlikely form of transport, from a Bat-Dragster to a Bat-Buggy. I used parts from both, plus others, to give him a proper Batmobile.

It’s inspired somewhat by the “tumbler” from the recent Batman films. However, I also wanted to incorporate a pair of oversized bat-fins. It’s not really big enough to accommodate a minifig with the canopy down, but Bruce doesn’t seem to mind!

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July 27th, 2008 No comments

Today I turned forty-four, which is least fifteen too many. Despite that, it’s been a good day. We borrowed our niece and nephew for the weekend, and have spent much of the time down in the basement with the Wii.

Right now, Vic and Kelly (the niece) are in the other room playing Wii Sports Baseball. One of the things I love about the game is the way it randomly fills out the team rosters with whatever Miis happen to be stored on the system. So it is that the players include our friends Dave L., Rob, Chris and Christine, plus such luminaries as Mr. T, Weird Al, Mr. Spock, Einstein and Adolf Hitler. In my just-completed match against David (the nephew), Adolf knocked one of the park. That’s Hitler for you!

My birthday turned out to have an unintentional Lego Indiana Jones theme, in that Vic bought me both the Wii video game and one of the building sets: the temple from the first few minutes of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Cool!

And there were brownies. Yay!

He’s Not Square, He’s My Cube

March 7th, 2008 No comments

As I’ve mentioned before, one of my favorite Dungeons & Dragons monsters is the Gelatinous Cube, a scavenging ooze honed by evolution to fit precisely into D & D‘s ubiquitous 10’x10′ corridors. So, when I heard that the most recent set of D & D miniatures included one, I was excited. But what pushed it completely over the top was the realization that the base of the figure was removable so that you can put other figures inside it.

Without further ado, here it is. I present to you…the Gelatinous Cube.

The Gelatinous Cube snares 18 cents in treasure and an angry Orc.

Now, here’s the Gelatinous Cube eating a Lego minifig.

And here’s the Gelatinous Cube eating a Monopoly property. Do not pass Go, indeed.

Here’s the Gelatinous Cube killing Dr. Lucky.

And for his final trick, here’s the Gelatinous Cube absorbing a Vegas casino die.

I’m Scared Now

February 16th, 2008 No comments

Earlier this week, my friend Dave directed me to Peeron, a web-based accessory for Lego fanatics. Among its features is an online inventory that allows one to track their collection and even determine the exact number and nature of bricks they have lying around the house. Dave used it to tally up his own pile of plastic, and the results were stunning.

Naturally, I had to try it for myself. Fortunately, I keep my instruction books, so it was easy to enter my collection by set number. Mind you, it’s still not an exact count. It’s possible that I have a few duplicate sets unaccounted for. In addition, I’ve bought several small containers’ worth of loose bricks from the Lego store. But it’s close enough.

Here then, is the count, according to Peeron:

Totals: 271 Sets (237 unique), 35,176 Parts, $4,007.14, 552 Minifigs

Now, before you totally freak, that $4,000 figure is presumably based on original retail price. However, I buy a lot of my Lego on deep clearance (50-80% off), especially when it comes to the bigger sets. And those 271 sets include a large percentage of mini-kits and those impulse-buy baggies with one minifig and a handful of accessories.

Still, that’s a lot of fucking Lego.

Apparently, I’ve been collecting since 1990, though I only bought a couple of sets back then. I picked up a few Castle knights with the intention of using them as “Dungeons and Dragons” miniatures.

My most numerous part? I have 270 light gray 1×2 bricks, which isn’t at all a surprise to me considering how many Castle-themed sets I’ve bought…not to mention the Imperial Star Destroyer Vic gave me on my 40th birthday. That sucker alone accounted for 3,000 parts, most of them light gray.

If you want to see for yourself, here’s a complete inventory.


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My Love Of Little Men

January 27th, 2008 No comments

And one more archival clip: a news story from WSIL-TV in Carbondale, Illinois regarding the Egyptian Campaign gaming convention back in April, 2007. I was playing in a session of Lego Pirate Wars, and as the colorful sea vessels were much more photogenic than graph paper dungeons or rolling dice, our game was prominently featured. There are a couple of nice closeups of my personal flagship, the Bloody Monkey.

Admittedly, I do think that my quote could easily be misconstrued if taken out of context…

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Rocket To Legoland

January 16th, 2008 No comments

Just completed another custom Lego project: an old-timey “Flash Gordon” rocketship. I believe that this is my first build that isn’t based even in part on an existing Lego model. Instead, I thought to myself, “Dave, you’ve got a tumbler full of unused orange bricks. What can you do with them?”

This was the result of about three evenings of solid work, plus some extra tinkering. I built it about three times before I was happy with the end result; my first attempt was less “Flash Gordon” and more “Magic School Bus.”

A proud Lego spaceman poses with his fine new ship.

Top and right views.

And, of course, front and back.

A nifty fold-down ramp allows the Space Police to come aboard. No contraband here, officers.

The top section of the ship lifts off to allow access to the interior. Here’s the engineering section.

A reverse view shows the pilot at the controls, ready to blast off! Next stop, Planet of the Lego Slave Girls!

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A Place To Hang My Pointy Hat

January 5th, 2008 No comments

My project this weekend was a scratch-built Lego model. I’d been eying the Skeleton Tower set and decided that since I have a ton of leftover bricks, I could save myself the fifty bucks and make my own. Using photos of the original model as a guide, I designed my own take on the idea, using the bricks I had at hand.

Front view. Note the working “jawbridge.”

Close-up of the bridge. This was my favorite part of the original model, and I came pretty close to duplicating it.

Left: As with the official model, the front of the jaw splits open to allow access to the castle. Right: On the rear wall, I added a hinged panel for access to the throne room.

Side view. Duh.

Left: The evil wizard stands atop the high tower. Right: The interior of the throne room.

This warrior intends to get ahead.

“Any mail for me today?”

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Free-Roaming Turkey

November 26th, 2007 No comments

Did you miss me? Lack of time and lack of compelling interest led to lack of blogging these past couple of weeks, but I hope to do better.

I’d love to say that I’ve been up to all sorts of exciting stuff since returning from Tucson, but the truth is that it’s mostly been shopping, videogames, and shopping for videogames. Now that the holiday season has descended upon us like a five-thousand-pound fruitcake, there are all manner of shiny, happy digital worlds vying for our joystick thumbs. Because there’s just no point in releasing anything worthwhile in the ten months prior to Thanksgiving, most of the top-tier game titles must go head-to-head in the final eight weeks of the year.

I finished The Simpsons for PS2, and was happy to see the end of it. While it stopped making me motion sick, the lousy camera continued to give me a lot of trouble. I learned to work around it, but I still “died” much more than could be attributed merely to my poor skills.

I enjoyed the game’s humor and all the metatextual references to other videogames. Still, as funny as it was to suddenly find myself playing a Simpsonized version of Gauntlet, the truth is that actual Gauntlet is more fun.

I was annoyed to learn, after the fact, that the PS2 version of The Simpsons is missing a fair amount of content found on the next-generation consoles. And here I’m not just talking pretty pixels, but rather portions of levels (including some of the other game parodies) and the ability to free-roam Springfield. Sure, I realize that the PS3 and XBox 360 are more powerful machines, but the PS2 is no stranger to free-roaming games featuring massive cityscapes. (Yes, I could’ve bought the Wii version, but the reviews suggested that the designers blew it incorporating the Wii control scheme. That’s a deal-breaker for me.)

Bye bye, The Simpsons; hello, Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga. Okay, I’ll admit it: this is a game I’ve already bought and completed twice before. I was enticed by the opportunity to play a version which fully integrates all six chapters of the film series, and which adds improved gameplay elements and Classic Trilogy characters into the prequel-based portions. There are three all-new levels, and two greatly-improved ones. (The pod race is no longer frustrating as all hell, plus I can fly a TIE Interceptor or an Imperial Shuttle in the Boonta Eve Classic.) And, best of all, Lego Indiana Jones! Remember that scene in Episode 1 when Dr. Jones and Han Solo teamed up to storm Theed Palace? Neither do I, but it sure is fun!

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