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September 5th, 2012 No comments

After a two-year hiatus, I’ve climbed back aboard the Warhammer 40,000 battle wagon. For too long, I allowed myself to be mocked by my unbuilt soldiers in their cardboard coffins. I sold off the Necron battleforce box I’d bought several years ago when I contemplated adding a third army to my existing Tyranids and Sisters of Battle. I even began to consider chucking my entire collection onto eBay.

Then my friend Kyle went on a summer vacation frenzy of buying and building a Space Wolves army. It turned out that all I needed to reignite my enthusiasm for painting little troops was someone who didn’t mind my lack of familiarity with the current Warhammer 40K rules.

As someone who grew up unskilled at model-building–I literally used to have my dad put together my Aurora monster kits–I’m proud that I not only have I successfully completed at least 125 soldiers and vehicles, but have engaged in customizing and even kitbashing my own creations.

Recently, I was inspired by another¬†modeler’s kitbashed Zoanthrope. (A Zoanthrope is a Tyranid elite unit with a huge, exposed brain that floats around the battlefield unleashing deadly psychic blasts.)¬†While I didn’t have enough of the plastic parts in my bits box to follow his design, I crafted something along similar lines.

Here’s the model prior to painting. Astute 40K modelers will recognize a Tyranid Warrior’s skull, a Genestealer torso–with Genestealer claws to serve as its stunted talons–and a Carnifex spike. The tail is a decorative piece from the old Battle for Macragge boxed set. The rest is sculpted Green Putty. (The rock piece was also from the Macragge set, but ultimately I had to go a different way for the base, as the model kept snapping off.)

Here’s the finished product on the left–with a piece of gravel from my driveway acting as ballast–and the official Games Workshop model on the right.

And here are two other views, so you can get a look at the brain. I’m never going to be much of a sculptor, but painted up it doesn’t look bad.

My other major project was a Mycetic Spore. It’s the Tyranid equivalent of the Space Marines’ drop pods, only as befits the techno-organic ‘Nids, it’s a big, fleshy sack that disgorges troops into battle. There’s no official model, so people have come up with all manner of kitbashed Spores.

Again, the Maximum Heresy blog provided the inspiration. Instead of a kids’ ball, I used a large craft egg from Hobby Lobby as the core. The tentacles were made from Green Putty wrapped around speaker wire, tipped with leftover Genestealer claws.

A couple of other decorative pieces from the dear old Battle of Macragge were used, one of which was meant to become a toothy maw/access point. Unfortunately, I became so enamored with the hot glue gun that I almost completely obscured the plastic piece, with the result being more of a blobby mound. I ultimately added some toothpick-tip teeth to sell it as a mouth.

An old CD became the base. It was decorated with more driveway rocks and some fine gravel typically used in model railroad layouts.

Here’s the side view, as well as a close-up of the mouth. There’s a Genestealer just beginning to emerge!

Honestly, I’m a little less enamored with the final product. It reminds me more of an angry avocado. Still it gets the job done; the job being dropping a load of bitey, shooty Tyranid troops behind Kyle’s Space Wolves lines.

I still have a couple of squads’ worth of Tyranids to paint, and at some point I intend to add a flying Hive Tyrant to command my forces. And somewhere further down the line, I have schemes for a kitbashed Carnifex. Watch this space.

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My Love Of Little Men

January 27th, 2008 No comments

And one more archival clip: a news story from WSIL-TV in Carbondale, Illinois regarding the Egyptian Campaign gaming convention back in April, 2007. I was playing in a session of Lego Pirate Wars, and as the colorful sea vessels were much more photogenic than graph paper dungeons or rolling dice, our game was prominently featured. There are a couple of nice closeups of my personal flagship, the Bloody Monkey.

Admittedly, I do think that my quote could easily be misconstrued if taken out of context…

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