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31 (Japanese) Monsters #27: Mecha King Ghidorah

October 27th, 2010 No comments

Honestly, it was pretty much inevitable. We’ve had Mechani-Kong as well as various flavors of Mechagodzilla*, so it was only a matter of time before we met…

Mecha King Ghidorah!

Monster Island Nickname Mecha King Fanwank
Hails From The Year 2204
Movies Appeared In
(not counting stock footage)
Hobbies Confusing Historians
Quote “Ayaaa-ayaugh!”

The story of how Mecha King Ghidorah came to be is a complicated and confusing one. In 1991’s Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah, a UFO piloted by 23rd Century Westerners arrive to warn Japan of its impending destruction by Godzilla. Their solution: to travel further back to 1944, when a group of Japanese soldiers on a Pacific island were saved from U.S. forces by the intervention of a dinosaur, the same dinosaur that was later irradiated by nuclear tests and subsequently mutated into Godzilla. They intend to remove the Godzillasaurus from the island and therefore prevent Godzilla’s creation. (The first of many questions raised by this story is just why the “Futurians” need to involve the people of 1991 in the first place.)

The Futurians teleport the dinosaur to the bottom of the ocean, but surreptitiously leave behind three genetically-engineered creatures called “Dorats.” Upon returning to 1991, our heroes discover a terrible truth: the golden, bird-like Dorats were fused together by the atomic tests and transformed into King Ghidorah, now fully under the control of the future Westerners**.

It turns out that the tale of Godzilla being responsible for the total destruction of Japan is a lie. In actuality, 23rd Century Japan economically dominates the world, and the Futurians intend to use King Ghidorah to change that. (The second thing that makes no sense is that the people native to 1991 still remember Godzilla, despite his now having been never existed***.)

Fortunately, a wrecked Russian sub disgorges enough radiation to recreate Godzilla in the present day. This bigger, more powerful version kills Ghidorah and dumps the corpse into the ocean. He then sets to work on Japan itself.

Suddenly, a new creature arrives in a huge burst of light. The people of the future–presumably different future people–recovered Ghidorah’s shattered body and rebuilt it into a partially-mechanical beast. (Whereas Mechani-Kong and Mechagodzilla were robots, Mecha King Ghidorah is a cyborg, and a zombie to boot.)

Mecha King Ghidorah uses its grapples to tow Godzilla out to sea, but not before being destroyed a second time. And in a really confusing bit of chronology, the next Godzilla film finds this second dead Ghidorah recovered by present-day Japan and its future technology incorporated into the second Mechagodzilla.

*However, to this day we have not yet encountered Mecha Mothra.

**This movie was criticized for its anti-Western slant. First, there’s the matter of the proto-Godzilla saving Japanese soldiers from the Americans. In addition, the two villainous Futurians are notably Caucasian. The third member of their party is a Japanese woman whose complicity in the plot to destroy her homeland is never explored. No matter, she switches sides and winds up piloting Mecha King Ghidorah to save the day.

***Pardon the poor time-travel grammar.