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31 Monsters #23: Orcs

October 23rd, 2009 No comments

Hail the Lowly Orc
by David Thiel

Hail the lowly Orc!

Created by Tolkien, a worthy foe
That might make a hobbit dinner
Yet for dwarf and elf
You find yourself
Merely score to prove a winner.

Fell Orc, you are basic currency
Of any fantasy campaign
When horns do sound
In lairs underground
You and yours are swiftly slain.

A complication, an obstacle
Twixt us and fiends of measure
Your possessions few
We will accrue
For our weighty bags of treasure.

So hail foul Orc! You are not much
Minion, lackey, henchman, goon
Yet without your kind
So much maligned
Heroic quests would end too soon.

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