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Dust Bowl Days

January 30th, 2009 No comments

Today marks Day Three of our installation of a new basement floor to replace the one ruined by last year’s flood. The work crew has been here since Wednesday, and I’m at home this morning holding down the fort until Vic relieves me.

This time we went for tile instead of vinyl laminate, as it will allegedly hold up better should we ever have another flood. The downside is that the last three days have been filled with the nigh-constant sound of tile being cut with a rotary saw. Meanwhile, the dust is everywhere. It’s amazing just how far it travels. I’m upstairs in the living room, and even here I can feel myself being coated with a thin layer of dust.

Reportedly the work will be finished tomorrow, which means I’ll spend this weekend dragging shit back down into the basement! Woo?

Updated: It will not be finished tomorrow. In fact, they can’t come back ’til Tuesday. Meanwhile, most everything that was in the basement will remain upstairs, and there’ll be no point in cleaning. Oh, and did I mention we’ve now got a leak in our bathroom ceiling? Fun times, fun times.

Further Updated: Turns out the thin layer of dust upstairs is nothing compared to the thick layer of dust downstairs. Vic and I had to embark on a minor cleaning binge just to maintain a small semblance of sanity over the next few days. If this thing isn’t wrapped up by Wednesday, there will be hell to pay.

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January 21st, 2009 No comments

I cleaned up the rest of the archived posts last night, so the chronicles of Speed Racer and Latitude Zero should display correctly. I’m sure that there are plenty of outdated links to exterior sites, but all of the internal links should now work.

Meanwhile, Dave L. restored my random quoter, now located in the header.

New features include a month-by-month archive–just in case you were wondering what I was thinking back in April 2006–and a random post generator that plucks five old items and displays their titles in the sidebar. Neat!

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Touching Up

January 20th, 2009 No comments

Again, thanks to Dave L. for all his help in whipping the new blog into shape. The category images are back, the comments function has been removed (sorry, Brian and Rob) and my sidebar buttons have been restored. Meanwhile, I’ve gone back through four years of posts, eliminating outdated “slithytoves” links.

One fair-sized project remains: fixing my archived Speed Racer, Latitude Zero and D&D Monsters posts, as they all rely on tables that exceed the allowed width of the new blog column. That’ll have to wait. I’m sure that there are more tweaks to be done, but all in all it’s looking good!

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