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Try It With "Vampire"

August 23rd, 2008 No comments

Last night our board game group played Agricola, currently the hottest thing going on BoardGameGeek.com. I don’t know that it’s worth all that fuss, but I ultimately enjoyed it. I’d started off the night in a really foul mood, but by the end I was getting into the contest, raising my brood and running the smallest farm in the history of agriculture. (I had one plowed field and never grew a damned thing.)

And yet, at the end of the night, I thought “I’ve just spent the last four hours building a farm.” It’s pretty common that in playing one of those fancy-schmancy, beloved-by-fanboys, European board games, one will find oneself creating a farmstead, a plantation, a grist mill or perhaps a city district in some quasi-Renaissance setting. My friend Dave Lartigue bitches from time to time about all the cathedrals he’s constructed.

As I mulled over last night’s activity, I thought, “You know, if it had been a SPACE farm, I would’ve been all over it.” Instead of raising cattle, I would’ve had space cattle. (Space cattle differ from their terrestrial brethren by their third horn and triple-jointed back legs.) I could’ve grown space grain, gathered space vegetables, and even started a space basket-weaving business on my own private asteroid. It already sounds like more fun!

I soon realized that any number of familiar geek-friendly words could be used to turn just another damned church-building game into something to fuel the imagination and tickle the space funny-bone.

How about a pirate farm? (“Arr, these be pirate tomatoes ye be eyeing.”) A zombie plantation? (“The zombie slaves are revolting!” “You’re not looking so great yourself!”) A robot grist mill? (Erm, it’s a grist mill…THAT SEEKS TO CONQUER AND DESTROY!)

Man, I can’t wait to erect my first gorilla cathedral.