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31 Monstrous Failures #22: The Giant Spider Invasion

October 22nd, 2011 No comments

Another film introduced to me via late-night television was a 1975 cheapie that very well may have been the only motion picture ever about a black hole crashing into a Wisconsin field and disgorging arachnid-filled geodes. Certainly it’s the only one starring Alan “Skipper” Hale, Jr.

I am, of course, referring to…

The Giant Spider Invasion!

As the title suggests, this is one spiderriffic film. There are regular ol’ tarantulas, dresser drawer-sized puppets and house-squatting titans.

What’s especially charming/awful about the queen spider is that it is so obviously built atop a Volkswagen Beetle frame. Best of all, during its nighttime rampage down the streets of Merrill, Wisconsin, its orb-like eyes pulse with an orange glow resembling taillights. Really, one does have to appreciate the low-budget ingenuity, but still, the end result is less of an interdimensional horror and more of a loathsomely hairy parade float.

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