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Cross Over Children! All Are Welcome!

June 8th, 2009 No comments

Checking the web stats for thiel-a-vision.com, I am always amused by the search terms that bring wandering spirits here.

My Land of the Lost posts have attracted some attention. Current top search term: “the zarn.” Others inlcude “zarn lost,” “zarn lotl,” “land of the lost fred zarn,” “land of the lost zarn you make me feel bad,” “altrusians sleestak,” “sleestaks and pylons,” “land of the lost time schedule old vision not movie,” and “when i look all around i can’t believe the things i’ve found.”

There are also some puzzlers. For some reason, I got five hits for “crossdresser trekkies,” one more than for “dave thiel.” I just did a search of my site, and I can guarantee you that at no point does the phrase “crossdresser trekkies” appear on it. (Er, until now. Damn.)

People came here looking for oddly specific information, such as “directions how to make dr.octopus arms in lego.” You won’t find that here either, but to be honest, that sounds pretty interesting. There were also a pair of hits for “how to write film treatment for earth vs the flying saucers ?” (Yes, they included the question mark.)

The one search term that I can categorically state has never previously appeared on my blog is “neil patrick harris penis.” If you came here looking for “neil patrick harris penis,” you were sorely disappointed. You will never find “neil patrick harris penis” here.

I wonder how well “neil patrick harris penis” will fare the next time I check my web stats.

Raiders Of The Lost Tweets

May 26th, 2009 No comments

I’m still trying to get a handle on what Twitter is good for, so I spent much of yesterday tweeting the Sci-Fi Channel’s Land of the Lost marathon. In the service of “repurposing content,” I’m placing a transcript of my wit and wisdom about All Things Altrusian below. I’ll leave it to you to figure out which episode is which.

thielavisionWatching the “Land of the Lost” marathon on Sci-Fi. Missed most of the first season, dagnabbit.about 24 hours ago from web

thielavisionThat scene where the Marshalls looked through their binoculars at THEIR OWN BACKS really messed with my head when I was a kid.about 24 hours ago from web

thielavisionIt’s Schrödinger’s Marshalls!about 24 hours ago from web

thielavision“Daddy, do something! AAAAAAHHHH-HHHHHH!”about 24 hours ago from web

thielavisionEnik is making all this up, isn’t he?about 23 hours ago from web

thielavisionMan, that episode thoroughly confused me back in the day. The Marshalls escape the Land of the Lost by entering it? WTF?about 23 hours ago from web

thielavisionThe special effect of the real-life Marshalls pulling the stop-motion Dopey with a rope is pretty ambitious for this series.about 23 hours ago from web

thielavisionHey, the Zarn has his own fembot!about 23 hours ago from web

thielavisionYay! Another pissy, morally-superior alien!about 22 hours ago from web

thielavisionFor an alien that’s hurt by emotion, that Zarn sure can gloat!about 22 hours ago from web

thielavisionWhoa! Rainbow pig!about 22 hours ago from web

thielavision“Pig! Where? How?”about 22 hours ago from web

thielavisionUsing a Pakuni as pig bait is definitely killing two birds with one stone.about 22 hours ago from web

thielavisionReally? They just shooed away an Allosaurus by yelling at it?about 22 hours ago from web

thielavisionThe Land of the Lost is powered by Red Kryptonite!about 21 hours ago from web

thielavisionThis may be the weirdest scene in the entire series: the Marshalls, Cha-Ka and a picnic basket whirling around a beating, glowing meteor.about 21 hours ago from web

thielavisionDid the Kryptonite just burp?about 21 hours ago from web

thielavisionI don’t mind that the “Land of the Lost” movie is a Will Ferrell comedy vehicle. I do mind that it looks pretty awful.about 21 hours ago from web

thielavision“Will can only keep it up so long!” Oh, Holly…about 21 hours ago from web

thielavisionThey must’ve upped the budget for season two; lots more original dinosaur footage this year.about 21 hours ago from web

thielavisionI’d pay a dollar for that baby Allosaurus to reach up and bite off Holly’s head.about 21 hours ago from web

thielavisionWho knew that a baby dinosaur sounds exactly like a duck whistle?about 21 hours ago from web

thielavisionNext up: my favorite episode, “Gravity Storm!”about 21 hours ago from web

thielavisionDon’t wet Holly’s pots!about 21 hours ago from web

thielavisionLast time I checked, gravity is not a type of weather.about 21 hours ago from web

thielavisionHello, Fred!about 21 hours ago from web

thielavisionHonestly, that’s pretty clever…they used one of their stop-motion armatures as a dinosaur-robot.about 21 hours ago from web

thielavisionThe Zarn may be my favoritest LOTL character. He’s the Oscar the Grouch of Altrusia.about 20 hours ago from web

thielavision“Of all the human emotions I cannot stand, pity is the worst of them all!”about 20 hours ago from web

thielavisionIt’s the slot machine pylon!about 20 hours ago from web

thielavisionThe Altrusians are so advanced they live inside a drawing!about 19 hours ago from web

thielavisionIt’s a hatbox…on springs.about 19 hours ago from web

thielavision“Holly Don’t”about 19 hours ago from web

thielavisionAnd so Frisbee is introduced to the Land of the Lost.about 19 hours ago from web

thielavisionThe Zarn has the power to make dinosaurs feel itchy!about 19 hours ago from web

thielavisionOddly, this is not the first time that Cha-Ka has worn a dress. Rick Marshall gets a bit lonely from time to time.about 19 hours ago from web

thielavisionMR. ZARN?!?about 19 hours ago from web

thielavisionOkay, now the Zarn is just slumming.about 19 hours ago from web

thielavisionI realize that Sci-Fi’s target demographic is older, but it still bugs me that a kids’ show is being brought to me by “OnlineBootyCall.Com.”about 18 hours ago from web

thielavisionOh yeah, those bamboo cots are all the protection you’ll need during an earthquake.about 18 hours ago from web

thielavisionThank you, Repeating Sleestak!about 17 hours ago from web

thielavisionSeason three is starting, but I have that one on DVD. Besides, I’ll have to hit the hay soon. The three-day weekend is over…about 17 hours ago from web