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Tina Fey Hot Fakes And Other Things Likely To Get Me Hits

April 12th, 2010 No comments

It’s time, once again, for the search terms that have brought poor, unfortunate souls to this blog.

613 tina fey hot
57 tina fey
21 2012
18 barbie musketeers
15 alien
13 spock
10 dave thiel
9 tina fey hot photo
7 star wars space slug
6 tina fey hot pics
6 sisters of battle
5 tiamat
5 hot babes
5 lego dragons
5 vermithrax pejorative
4 japanese superheroes
4 alison brie fakes
4 Ñ%81еÑ%81Ñ%82Ñ%80Ñ%8b биÑ%82вÑ%8b
4 tina fay hot
4 tina fey hot hot hot

So, what have we learned? Lots of folks looking for “Tina Fey Hot.” Far fewer who redundantly deemed her “Hot Hot Hot.” At least one schmuck searching in vain for “Tina Fay.” “Barbie musketeers” get nearly twice as many hits as I do. And this post continues to bring me the occasional person in pursuit of “Alison Brie fakes.” (I only search for “Alison Brie reals.”)

And I have no idea what “Ñ%81еÑ%81Ñ%82Ñ%80Ñ%8b биÑ%82вÑ%8b” is.