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Click the thumbnails to see larger versions. This reflects my collection as of August 2009. Additions and deletions to the collection have occurred since then, but this will give you a pretty good idea of what it looks like!

The "Star Wars" saga begins with these early versions of the iconic characters, based on concept art by designer Ralph McQuarrie. This prototype Darth Vader packs both a saber and a pistol. C-3P0, R2-D2, and both male and female versions of "Starkiller."
A rebel trooper, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Han Solo, Yoda and Chewbacca. Imperial Sandtroopers search the wastes of Tatooine for the occupants of an escape pod. A Jawa Sandcrawler displays its droid wares near the Lars homestead, while Luke and his childhood friend Biggs discuss old times.
Sandpeople are among the deadlier inhabitants of Tatooine. Mos Eisley Spaceport is a wretched hive of characters who have wandered in from the prequels, the cartoons, the comics, and even the Disneyland ride. Among them, you'll find the droid bounty hunter C-3PX, as well as Boba Fett from his animated debut in the infamous "Star Wars Holiday Special.".
The cantina is packed to the rafters with aliens. There are four different versions of Snaggletooth in this photo, including the rare vintage version with the blue jumpsuit. Walrus Man is mostly armless.
Here's the vintage Death Star playset, accompanied by a modern version of the Imperial TIE Fighter. A historical collection of Imperial troops and their clone forebears. Ben Kenobi jimmies the lock on the Tractor Beam Control, while Grand Moff Tarkin confers with his lackeys.
Luke and Leia shoot it out with stormtroopers as Darth Vader passes by one floor below. Look up, Darth! I temporarily replaced the vintage trash compactor with its modern equivalent. George Lucas (er, Jorg Sacul) is among the Rebel pilots being briefed on the Yavin 4 moon.
Chewie grunts, "Where the hell's my medal?" Next, he rips the arms off C-3PO, just for spite. Han Solo braves the frigic hell of Hoth, while Luke simply hangs out. Rebels man this vintage playset, keeping a wary eye out for invaders.
Inside Echo Base, everyone wants to see Luke in a diaper. The Empire strikes back! Bounty hunters assemble aboard Vader's flagship. Meanwhile, Luke meets Yoda and the ghost of Ben Kenobi on Dagobah.
Han, Chewie and Leia go in search of Mynocks, while Slave 1 squats ominously nearby. Lando is already trying on Han's spare clothes. Various doings at Cloud City on the planet Bespin. Han will soon become the biggest grape popsicle in the universe.
Jabba the Hutt oversees his scum and villainy, and wonders if this scene wasn't already done a couple of movies ago. Who's the sluglike dick who's a sex machine with all the chicks? "So You Think You Can Dance," live from the Dune Sea Ballroom!
A vintage 4-LOM (or is that Zuckuss?) chats with a foreign bootleg of Zuckuss (or is that 4-LOM?). Luke battles the vintage Rancor, while our heroes battle aboard one of Jabba's desert skiffs. Everyone turns out when the Emperor's in town!
The ranks of the Rebel pilots have been filled out with a variety of aliens. Rebel leaders admire their prized, giant aggie. Endor erupts in furry chaos!
"Yub! Nub! Yub! Nub!" "Ee chop, motherf**ker!" "Hey, mind if I cut in?"
Some post-"Return of the Jedi" characters, plus a volley of Vaders. Sith through the ages, and some favorite characters from the first "Clone Wars" series. The "Star Wars" overflow area.
The awesome Lego Star Destroyer, flanked by various Action Fleet and Titanium series ships. Republic vehicles from the prequel/"Clone Wars" era. And here are their Separatist counterparts.
A Rancor from the "Force Unleashed" videogame, with Felucian and Amanin warriors. Doctor Who and his friends are cornered by Daleks and Cybermen. More of the Doctor's many foes.
Gamera is really neat. He is full of turtle meat. Japanese vinyl figures of creatures from the more recent Godzilla films. Monsters seen in Toho films of the '60s and '70s.
A collection of Godzilla characters (vintage and more recent) in 6" scale. Ebirah the giant lobster intrudes on these super-deformed Godzilla toys. Jabba's Lego sail barge floats above Tatooine. The print on the wall is a signed Sandcrawler cutaway view from the nifty DK books.
Various Lego vehicles from the classic "Star Wars" trilogy. Lego Clones vs. Lego Droids! Prequel-era starships in brick form.
Ninjas and Samurai come in all colors! A Dwarven Mine and my scratch-built Skeleton Tower. Classic-era Lego Castle models.
Johnny Thunder's expedition prepares to enter a scorpion-infested tomb. Robots! Robots! Robots!