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photo gallery

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Visitor Baby

Yes, this is one of the actual props from the production of V: The Final Battle. You can tell that it's Robin Maxwell's child because of its "human" eyes.

Junior sits atop his custom display stand. Note the promotional bumper sticker for The Final Battle. You may have noticed the webbed fingers during the show, but did you see those bizarre, four-toed feet? I have a hard time believing that adult Visitors could wedge those into human boots. Aww, isn't that just the cutest little baby butt?
A face only a (Visitor) mother could love. Nice varicose veins you've got there, pal. He brings out my fatherly instincts.


Visitor Shuttles

These are not actual production models, though I'm told that the larger one is a fiberglass copy taken from one of the original molds. Obviously, the paint and detail work isn't professional quality.


Location Photos

I took these during my year living in Los Angeles.

This drainage tunnel served as a Resistance headquarters in The Final Battle. So did this lighthouse. The Visitor Legation.


Shuttle Control Panels

Actual control panel pieces from the inside of a full-scale Visitor shuttle.


Props and Matte Paintings

All original production items. No, I don't own these.

Matte painting of the water tanks inside the Mothership. The missing part of the image (through which a metal shelf can be seen) is where the live action portion of the scene took place. The food storage area aboard the Mothership. And the Mothership's hangar bay. Again, the black portions of the image are where the full-size actors and shuttles would stand. This is pre-CGI film technology, folks.
Full view of one of the extended shuttles. The props were modular to allow for different configurations. One of Diana's costumes from the weekly series. Motherships and shuttles in various sizes.

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